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Morgan Bay Zendo Applied Design course

Applied Permaculture Design for the Morgan Bay Zendo

This course is unique because:

  • It’s an exercise in applied permaculture design — learn by doing it!  The goals for this project are already clearly stated and we have a base map in hand.  This allow us to systematically work through a landscape analysis and design process using the Regrarians adaptation of the Scales of Permanence.
  • You will gain a systematic understanding for how to analyze the ecological context of your site, how to design, and what steps to take first during the installation phases
  • This is a home-scale application to a community center, incorporating multi-strata home gardening techniques to add resilience and perennial crops to the system.
  • Using Art of Hosting techniques, we will facilitate the design as it emerges out of the creativity of the group.
  • We will dive into a thorough treatment of the design process so that we can dispel the anxiety of not knowing where to start
  • 12 contact hours

The Zendo is located in the coastal town of Surry, Maine, and offers an opportunity for people to practice Buddhist meditation whatever their background or faith may be. Zendo practice includes elements from Zen, Ch’an and Vipassana schools of Buddhism.

In addition to the meditation hall itself, there is a complex of buildings, housing a meeting hall, kitchen, apartment, showers, and toilets. Four small cabins and a field for tent camping are located within a short distance of the main buildings and provide sleeping accommodations during retreats. A pond, moss garden, and wooded paths complement the facilities. Improvements are ongoing and are undertaken largely by volunteers.

The workshop will focus on design and implementation of edible perennial polycultures at the Zen center, using permaculture as the basis for our design. Permaculture is a design method and set of techniques for creating resilient human habitats while increasing ecosystem health. It is a synthesis of wise human behavior taken from both modern and ancient sources of inspiration.

Students often come away from our workshops with new ways of seeing, thinking, and acting in the world. We strive to give participants in our workshops a positive vision for the future and practical tools to make it so.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Designing for Resilience & Sustainability
  • Home/Garden/Farm Applications
  • Introduction to the food forest concept
  • Permaculture design methodology
  • Reading the landscape and data collection
  • Landscape analysis using the Scales of Permanence
  • Tree Crops & Perennial Food Systems
  • Installation and maintenance using instant succession
  • Dispel Feelings of Not Knowing ‘Where to Start’
  • Community engagement practices

This course is good for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike. Orchardists, nursery people, and gardeners interested in perennial crops will take a special interest in this alternative way of designing a perennial-based system.

Link to testimonials: http://resiliencehub.org/pdc-testimonials/

Registration and lodging information:

For tickets, click here.

The workshop will take place at the Morgan Bay Zendo located in the coastal town of Surry, Maine

Arrival is scheduled for Saturday morning June 23.  Class runs 9-5.

The course ends Sunday afternoon June 24.  Runs from 9-4.

The workshop fee of $250 per person includes tuition and one meal. Expected number of course participants: 10-15.

Regular Fee: $250

Spring 2017 Hurricane Island course

Check out the details for this upcoming 12 hour Intro to Permaculture course on Hurricane Island!  We will engage the eyes, ears and hands in this dynamic course to give participants and in-depth introduction to permaculture design and how to apply it to garden and small farm design.  We are bringing permaculture to island communities by teaming up with Hurricane Island Foundation and bringing it to that island.  We will live in an off-grid community while studying the design of resilient biological and technical systems.  Help spread the word and register today!

Hurricane flyer-2017



Winter 2017 Announcements

Mid Winter Greetings everyone!

As we pour over seed catalogs huddled next to the stove, now is a good time to begin dreaming and scheming for our gardens this coming year.  And the best way to begin the garden is with good design.  The way to do that is to first consider the goals for the year and any adjustments you might make to design and management.  Of course, sustainability and resilience is on everyone’s mind these days, and permaculture offers a unique approach to design to achieve just that.

If you’ve been wondering how permaculture might be able to help with your landscape’s design challenge, now is the perfect time of year to contact us for consultations and design projects!  Remember that “well begun is half done.”  So before you go and buy lots of trees and shrubs make sure to do a thorough goal setting and design process, site preparations and earthworks.  To ensure the success of your investments in plant stock you’ll want to “plan, prepare, then plant.”

With that, here are a number of permaculture related events of interest.  Some are here in the Midcoast and some are elsewhere.  Some are free and some have fees.  Take a look, tell us what you think, and keep in touch!

Food Sovereignty vote in Rockland January 9 6p.  6-6:15 is reserved for public comments (limited to 5 minutes each) so you can come and voice your support.

Free Presentations
Blue Hill Grange talk Jan 18, 6p
Brunswick land trust presentation Jan 29 2p
Vose library presentation in Union. Mar 9 7p

Upcoming Permaculture Classes600_282251032
Boston winter PDC (one weekend a month, starts Jan 14-15).  $250 deposit to hold your spot. We have space for 1-2 more people so tell your Boston friends to act quick and register before this course sells out!

Introduction to Permaculture lecture series.  Camden adult ed.  4 week course starts Jan 25, $35.

Hurricane island Intro Course May 13-14.  More details soon.
Summer PDC Freeport.  Details here or here
Farm-scale PDC details forthcoming (likely next fall-winter)

Here are some testimonials from our past courses.

Also, save the date for the Permaculture Association of the Northeast winter retreat at D Acres Feb 24-26



Autumn 2016 events

Autumn Greetings!2016-Fair-Web-Banner-760px

This weekend is the Common Ground Fair at the MOFGA fairgrounds, and we wanted to invite you to connect with us during this 25K+ person/day event!  (A lofty goal, i know).

I’ll be volunteering with Maine-Wabanaki REACH at their table in the Social and Political Action area.  I’ll be helping them set up and will be there Friday morning. Come say hi and learn about indigenous solidarity projects in Maine. See their website for more: http://mainewabanakireach.org/REACH-horizPlusTag-rgb-min

We’ll be presenting Saturday and Sunday at noon both days at the Hayloft tent by the Fedco table. Saturday will be on Earthworks and Water Management, Sunday will be on Perennial Polyculture Design. We’re excited to try an analog format with handouts (instead of a slideshow that no one can see on account of the bright day). We’ll try painting pictures in your mind rather than showing you images on a screen.  Come check us out and say hi!

As we enter Fall and Winter, these are the seasons for designing and planning.  If you have considered getting a consultation and doing a design, now is the time to do it.  Don’t put it off till next Spring or it might be too late.  And don’t forget that in permaculture design, the MidCoastPerm LogoColorlast thing we design into the system is plants.  So beware of the Spring itch to buy a ton of plants without knowing where they’ll go.  (Although to be completely honest, it’s something we all do on occasion…)

We also have two courses coming up this winter in the Boston area.  If you know anyone who might be interested, pass this along!
Basic Permaculture Design Certificate course (starts in Jan ’17):
Advanced PDC offered to all who have completed a Basic course (starts in Nov ’16):

See you at the Fair!




Intro to Permaculture half day workshop September 3

Saturday September 3th 2016, Permaculture Workshop at the Deer Isle Hostel.

Learn how to design ecological and edible landscapes and resilient home sites using whole system planning and patterns from nature. In this Introduction to Permaculture workshop we will discuss the history, principles and benefits of permaculture. We will go over a permaculture site design process and introduce some concepts and practices around site analysis and assessment. The day will be part theory, part practice, with an observation exercise around the homestead and a mapping exercise.

MidCoastPerm LogoColorJesse Watson operates Midcoast Permaculture Design. He has been doing permaculture land planning and installation for residential and farm clients since 2009. He has been teaching summer Permaculture Design Certification classes at MOFGA since 2012 with the Resilience Hub. 10am-3pm.

This event is hosted by the Deer Isle Hostel in Deer Isle, ME.  Lunch included. $50. Early registration recommended. Scholarships available. Sponsored by MOFGA. All participants are welcome, and encouraged, to stay at the Hostel the night prior to the workshop.  To register, please contact Anneli at the Deer Isle Hostel https://deerislehostel.wordpress.com/reservations/

Midcoast Permaculture events Spring 2016

Spring Greetings All!

Spring has come early this year even as winter threatens to dust us with snow periodically.  The birds are singing, the coltsfoot and crocus are blooming, and we are seeing emergence everywhere.  Spring is a good time for people to consider their goals for the year and how they might make adjustments to design and management.  Spring is a great time to consider, for example, how to manage the water flowing across your landscape and how to design plant systems to make advantageous use of that water.

If you’ve been wondering about how permaculture might be able to help with your landscape’s design challenge, now is the perfect time of year to contact us for consultations and design projects!

With that, here are a number of permaculture related events of interest.  Some are here in the Midcoast and some are elsewhere (Unity, Portland, NY).  Some are free and some have fees.  Take a look, tell us what you think, and keep in touch!

Spring Permaculture Events

Free Library Presentations

Wednesday, April 13, 6:30, Waldoboro public library.  Perennial Polyculture Design presentation.

Thursday, May 5, 6:00, Thomaston public library.  Perennial Polyculture Design.

Plus more in the works…

Upcoming Permaculture classes & events

Techniques for Multi-Stakeholder Permaculture Projects.
Thursday, April 7, 2016.  9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  Resilience Hub, Portland.  Price $39.

Apple Tree Pruning Workshop
Sat, Apr 9 from 9am-noon.  In Union.  Fee: $15.  FMI and to register: Pruning, 596-2040 or rebecca@knox-lincoln.org

Webinar: Successful Permaculture Event Design & Hosting. 
Friday, April 22, 2016.  3:00 PM to 4:15 PM.  Online, hosted by the Resilience Hub.  Price $15

Wabanaki REACH Ally Workshop: Rockland
Saturday, April 16, 2016
.  9:30 am – 4:00 pm.  Free, registration required.

While not a permaculture course per se, this workshop clearly demonstrates the permaculture ethic of PeopleCare.  This workshop is designed for non-Native people. It provides an opportunity to reflect on our shared history and future with Native people. It includes: a very brief history of US government relationships with Native people; awareness of white privilege; and ally responsibilities.

Space is limited and registration is required, so please register by emailing Barbara@mainewabanakireach.org or calling 951-4874. Questions are welcome.

Annual Permaculture PLANT Swap!
Saturday, May 7, 2016
   10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Resilience Hub, Portland.  Space may be limited so please take your RSVP seriously.

2016 Maine Permaculture Design Certification Course – weekend format
Starts the weekend of June 3, 2016.  Hosted at MOFGA in Unity.  $250 deposit to hold your spot.  Space is limited.  Typically sells out.

Save the date for Maine Permaculture Day
Saturday, August 20, 2016
  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Locations throughout the state.  More info to be announced.  http://www.meetup.com/maine-permaculture/events/229613619/

…and while this course is far afield, we will be there and we have a healthy Maine contingent organizing a caravan.
Regrarians 10-Day Regenerative Ag Farm Planning Course w/Darren Doherty
Saturday, August 6, 2016  to Monday, August 15, 2016 in Essex, NY

This is a 10-day intensive on the Regrarians farm-scale land management design platform.  This is a professional development training geared for farmers, landscape designers, and land management professionals.
FMI http://www.meetup.com/maine-permaculture/events/228835576/ & https://www.facebook.com/events/871791996251974/

Intro to Permaculture Spring 2014

As we pour over seed catalogs huddled next to the stove, it is a good time to begin dreaming and scheming for our gardens this coming year.  And the best way to begiTree Guild copy 3smn the garden is with good design.  Of course, sustainability and resilience is on everyone’s mind these days, and so with that in mind we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be teaching an 8 hour Introduction to Permaculture course in Rockland at the UU Church.  We will focus on the subject of goals for the garden, design of the garden, and sustainability in the garden and how that connects to the rest of society.

Permaculture – the Art of Ecological Design

Permaculture is a design system and set of techniques for creating resilient human habitats and healthy ecosystems. It is modeled on ecological principles and takes into account food production, shelter, energy, water, wellness, community, culture and economics. In this 8 hour intro course students will gain a strong foundation for applying permaculture ethics and design principles. We will cover topics including: a permaculture design process, forest gardens & perennial polycultures, water management, earthworks, pattern literacy, and garden management.

Dates for this course are April 2, 16, 23, 30; 6-8pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockland, 345 Broadway.  Cost is $60.  Class size is limited so register early!  To register email watson (at) midcoastpermaculture.com